Insecurities and Inaccuracies of the
Sequoia AVC Advantage 9.00H DRE Voting Machine


As of October 17th, 2008, we can release the 90-minute evidentiary video that we submitted to the Court on September 2nd. We are seeking the Court's permission to release a much shorter video which demonstrates the most important points more succinctly. We hope to receive such permission within a few days.

The evidentiary video, shown below, is about an hour and a half long. The hi-resolution video is about 1 gigabyte and may take quite a while to download. The video demonstrates several ways in which the AVC Advantage, even when not "hacked" by replacement of a ROM chip, can fail to faithfully record the intent of the voter. Then the video demonstrates how an attacker can pick the lock of the AVC Advantage and install a fraudulent vote-miscounting program. Finally, the video demonstrates that this fraudulent program does not cheat in pre-election testing, but does transfer votes from one candidate to another in actual election mode.

Click here to view a high-resolution version of video (high-bandwidth connection required).
Downloadable medium-resolution evidentiary video in MP4 format (255 megabytes).
Downloadable high-resolution evidentiary video in MP4 format (1 gigabyte).

Medium-resolution evidentiary video:

To start the video, press the "play" button in the control bar under the picture. You may need to wait a few minutes for the video to load.

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